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 The trash and recycling collection schedule will change in Fenton Township starting in February. Trash will be collected on Fridays, with recycling being collected every other week.

 On Monday, Jan. 4, the Fenton Township Board of Trustees discussed how Republic Services plans to change operations with waste, recycling and yard waste pick up.

 Republic Services sent the township a letter stating that effective the week of Feb. 1, the company will pick up waste and recycle bins on Friday.

 “Your new service day will be Friday with your first collection on February 5. Weekly yard waste collection will restart again in April on Fridays as well. We are committed to providing our customers with the best, most cost-efficient service and we look forward to working with Fenton Township for a smooth transition,” according to the letter.

 Currently, Republic Services does collection in Fenton Township throughout the week in different areas of the municipality.

 Gary Hicks, municipal services manager for Republic Services, said they’re working on consolidating their operations to make collection days run smoother.

 “2020 was a year unlike I’ve ever experienced in the trash industry,” he said, attributing that to the pandemic because they had to delay service at times. Their employees often had to quarantine or they were out with COVID. He apologized to the Board for that.

 “It was just a very very very trying year,” he said.

 There’s been a significant increase in waste since the pandemic began.

 “Every closet has been cleaned out,” Hicks said. “We’ve picked up more compost than we have ever picked up … I’ve never seen volumes like we’re seeing.”

 In some areas, it’s up 30 percent. They see more food waste at home because people are eating at home.

 “The volumes are just off the charts,” he said. “I’ve never seen more garbage in my life.”

 Republic is working to switch most municipalities to a single-day service plan.

 Trustee Kade Katrak asked why Friday was chosen for Fenton Township.

 “We find that lake-type communities either want Monday or Fridays,” Hicks said. Monday wasn’t possible for Fenton Township because of a contract with another municipality.

 “A lot of work has gone into trying to make it work for everyone,” Hicks said. He anticipates service to “dramatically improve.”

 Township attorney Jack Belzer said he doesn’t believe a formal amendment needed to be made to the contract because it states “Monday through Friday.”

 Hicks said getting verbal confirmation from the Board is good enough for him.

 Those with questions can call the Republic Service customer service department at 1-800-438-0966. The 2021 recycle calendar is available at

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