Fenton Twp. — Fenton Township will commit $20,000 to non-motorized pathways. 

 The Board of Trustees voted 5-1 on Monday, Oct. 4. The money will go toward a pathway on Owen Road or Fenton Road. 

 Trustee Robert Kesler was absent and Clerk Robert Krug was the dissenting vote. 

 The LAFF (Linden, Argentine Township, Fenton, Fenton Township) Pathway project so far includes the

Phase 1 pathway in Argentine Township. Phase 2 will be The State Bank Trail constructed along Silver Lake Road in 2023. 

 Organizers haven’t officially decided if Owen Road or Fenton Road will be Phase 3. They’re asking local municipalities to commit $20,000, to be paid in approximately five years, to raise matching funds to apply for a Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) $450,000 grant from the county, which requires matching funds in the amount of $112,500. Linden and Fenton have also recently voted in favor of committing this money. 

 SLPR has committed $20,000 and LAFF has committed $12,500. 

 On Monday, Sept. 20, Jeff Huhta, from Nowak & Fraus Engineers, gave a presentation to the Fenton Township Board of Trustees about building a pathway on Owen Road versus Fenton Road. 

 Huhta presented two options for Owen Road. The first is a pathway from the Silverwood Drive to Linden County Park with an estimated cost of $4,938,232. Option two is building in two phases, which is Eleanor Street to Linden County Park, estimated to cost $2,232,000, and then Silverwood Drive to Eleanor Street, estimated to cost $2,706,232. The trail is projected to be 2.6 miles long. 

 There are two options for a Fenton Road path. The first option is connecting to the sidewalks along N. LeRoy/Fenton Road and building the pathway north until the Thompson Road Regional Dog Park or Ray Road. This is estimated to cost $4,123,511. The trail is projected to be 4.2 miles long. 

 The second option has two phases. The first is to build from Fenton City limits to N. Long Lake Road, which is estimated to cost $2,311,218. The second phase is to construct the path from N. Long Lake Road to the Thompson Road Regional Dog Park/Ray Road with an estimated cost of $1,812,293. 

 Huhta said they believe the Owen Road project scores higher than Fenton Road, but there are issues with that pathway with wetlands. Scoping plans show a new walking bridge over Silver Lake where the pathway would be constructed. 

 They also learned that the Genesee County Road Commission has plans to widen Owen Road, which they will have to account for in the design process. 

 Krug, who was the dissenting vote, mentioned how in 2019, residents in Fenton, Linden and Fenton Township voted down a millage that would fund non-motorized pathways. 

 “Before I vote, I would like to put a reminder out there that this project was rejected by the Fenton Township voters 64.46% to 35.42 % and I vote no,” Krug said.

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