The city of Fenton will be getting a new Vactor 2100 sewer cleaning vehicle.

 The city of Fenton will be replacing its 2001 Sterling/Vactor single axle sewer cleaning truck. The City Council voted Monday, Aug. 12 to replace the vehicle, which has reached the end of its service life for $437,583.

 The replacement was budgeted in the 2019/2020 budget for $450,000, according to interim Public Works Director Dan Brisson.

 Using the manufacturer bid pricing administered through Sourcewell contract, a replacement unit was specified through the Michigan Vactor distributor, Jack Doheny Companies. A 2019/2020 model year Freightliner Chassis will cost $104,351, according to Brisson. The 20/20 model year Factor 2100 series equipment as specified is $343,574, with a Sourcewell discount of $10,307. The total build cost for the cab/chassis and outfitting is $437,583.

 “Leasing options were explored to spread the cost of the machine over a 60-month annual payment schedule,” Brisson said in a memo to City Manager Lynn Markland. “However, the city treasurer does not recommend financing as the Sewer and Fleet funds are adequately funded to cover the replacement unit cost and avoid interest fees associated with a lease-to-own program.”

Dump trucks

 The City Council also authorized the purchase of two dump trucks that are also at the end of their service life. The two replacement dump trucks will be Freightliner tandem axle chassis and Monroe Truck Bodies upfitting equipment. One truck will be equipped with a 12-foot front plow, which is used for heavy snow events.

 Pricing for the first truck with front snowplow is $212,477.53, and the second truck without the front snowplow is $199,546.42. The total cost for both units is $412,023.94. These trucks are in the 2020 operating budget, according to Brisson.

 “Build time for cab and chassis and upfit/build is 11 to 13 months,” Brisson said. “The city will not pay for the units until they are delivered. Delivery of the completed units is expected around September 2020.”

 Avoiding the leasing options available will save the city approximately 4 percent on a five-year lease-to-own program.

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