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Everyone in AGS Middle School wears a mask. During passing times, students follow the tape on the ground to help traffic flow in the hallways to avoid crowding in this Thursday, Nov. 12, 2020 photo. 

 For students choosing in-person learning at Fenton Area Public Schools (FAPS), they will head back to the classroom Tuesday, Jan. 19.

 Superintendent Adam Hartley told board members and audience members of the Zoom meeting Monday, Jan. 11 that the school district’s target date of Jan. 19 is still in effect. While some students will continue with remote learning, students that wish to take part in in-person learning five days per week can do so beginning next Tuesday.

 The schedule will be as it was in November 2020. The Young 5s through fifth grade will remain as cohorts (groups that stay together all day), and bus transportation will be provided. Students sixth grade and higher will have late start times in order to stagger busing.

 “It’s the same schedule as November,” Hartley said. “We’ll have some sense of normalcy.” He added that he’s excited to see students and staff in person. COVID-19 safety protocols will continue to be implemented for everyone.

 Hartley is hopeful for the COVID-19 vaccine and anticipates learning from the Genesee County Health Department of when vaccines will be available for the district’s employees. As soon as he learns more, he will relay that information on to the staff. Any employees that live in Livingston or Oakland counties are advised to check their health departments for vaccine availability.

 With next Tuesday quickly approaching, Hartley said, “The students will get to have that first day of school all over again.”

 Keith Reynolds, school board president, said that he too is excited for Jan. 19, but stresses that their main focus is to keep students and staff safe.

 Parents, students and the community can read Fenton’s detailed return to school plan at

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