Fenton — Although they didn’t make the grade the first time around, city of Fenton administrators are preparing to apply a second time for a Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund (MNRTF) grant.

 The city applied for the grant previously in 2018. If awarded, the fund would have paid for Mill Pond Park and Fenton Trailway improvements that included a kayak/canoe launch, new playground equipment, exercise equipment along the river walk trail and a river walk connection along the river between W. Caroline and Silver Lake Road.

 “Unfortunately, the application did not earn enough points to be awarded grant funding assistance,” said Dan Brisson, director of the Department of Public Works.

 Brisson told Fenton City Council members Monday night that he and OHM, the city’s engineers, attended DNR workshops in Lansing to learn more about the 2020 funding programs and application process.

 “The scoring has changed somewhat,” Brisson said. He said OHM and city staff are confident that a second application, due April 1, will yield favorable results for approval.

 The MNRF grant, if awarded, will allow up to $300,000 in grant assistance with a 25-percent match from the city. 

 “OHM has prepared a Scope of Engineering Services proposal outlining the work scope necessary to assist the city with a new grant application,” Brisson said.

 OHM’s fee for providing this assistance is charged on an hourly basis for a not-to-exceed amount of $3,500. The Fenton City Council approved the expenditure at its Monday, Jan. 13 meeting. 

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