Robert Abraham Clark

 According to an Oct. 3 press release by the Roswell Police Department (RPD) in Roswell, New Mexico, a Fenton, Michigan man who told police he may have had “a little too much to drink,” ended up in jail Monday, Oct. 1 after a “bit of a criminal adventure” in the Walmart parking lot in north Roswell.

 Robert Abraham Clark, 31, of Fenton, was charged with multiple crimes after Roswell police officers were called to the store at 4:45 p.m. Monday, Sept. 30. Police were called after someone saw Clark using an object to break out the rear window of a Porsche Cayman parked in the lot, according to the press release.

 Witnesses reported Clark then crawled into the vehicle through the shattered rear window.

 When the first officer arrived, he found Clark sitting in the driver’s seat of the Porsche. Roswell police reported that Clark refused to get out of the car so the officer opened the door, removed him and handcuffed him. The officer found a screwdriver jammed into the ignition of the car, a common method used when someone is attempting to improperly start a vehicle in order to steal it. An empty liquor bottle, later determined not to belong to the vehicle’s owner — was found inside the car as well.

 Clark was found without any form of identification and gave officers different names and birthdates when asked who he was multiple times. Officers noted the Michigan license plate on another vehicle witnesses said Clark had gotten into at least once after breaking the Porsche window but before officers arrived.

 Believing the vehicle could be that of the suspect, officers asked a dispatcher to contact Michigan State Police, who were able to use the license plate number to identify the suspect as Clark. Officers also noticed the year on the registration sticker on the plate had been scratched off.

 Since Clark had blood on his hands — believed to be injuries that resulted from the broken window — officers took him to be checked out at a local hospital. While waiting in the emergency room, and still handcuffed, Clark began to walk toward an exit door before being stopped.

 Clark was arrested and booked into the Chaves County Detention Center on charges of burglary, criminal damage to property, concealing identity, falsifying title and registration (altering), and resisting, evading or obstructing an officer. A magistrate judge released him on his own recognizance Tuesday, Oct. 1 pending further court proceedings.

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