Brennen  Henson

Brennen Henson, a 2017 Fenton High School graduate, auditions for The Voice, a reality TV show on NBC featuring people in a singing competition.

 Fans of the popular NBC reality TV show, “The Voice,” have a local contestant to cheer for.

 Brennen Henson, 20, performed “Riptide” by artist Vance Joy during the blind auditions. His segment aired Monday, Oct. 7. Henson is a 2017 graduate of Fenton High School.

 Less than a minute into his live audition, judge Gwen Stefani pushed her button to turn her chair around. At the very last second judge Blake Shelton, and Stefani’s boyfriend, too smacked his button to turn his chair around. Judges Kelly Clarkson and John Legend did not try to be Henson’s coach.

 Stefani and Shelton would both try to convince Henson to pick either of them to be his coach for the show. Henson told the audience he was from Flint and Stefani tried to convince him that they had a connection since her father

grew up on 8 Mile (Detroit). She also told him he was cute.

 Shelton just knew Henson would pick Stefani and all but admitted defeat with convincing Henson to pick him as his coach. In the end, Henson did choose Stefani as his coach.

 Henson said he’s drawn to alternative, folk pop type music and added, “I like my originality.”

 In his bio for The Voice, Henson said he saw firsthand how the water crisis in Flint, just north of Fenton, can bring people together. He said his father encouraged him to pursue his passion for music. He joined a church worship band, learned guitar and won his first talent show as a junior in high school.

 Henson has been living in Nashville, Tennessee for the past few months and works as a server while writing music.

 Laura Lemke, assistant principal at Fenton High School, said, “He is a cool kid.  He graduated in 2017 and came back in May 2018 to sing/play guitar at our Baccalaureate celebration when his younger brother graduated (2019).”

 Henson has two younger sisters who also attend Fenton Area Public Schools, Isabella and Victoria.

 Lemke said Henson was in music and drama while at FHS and she remembers him best for his role as one of the princes in the musical, “Into the Woods,” when he sang the “Agony” song.

 He’s “funny, kind, compassionate, and musically talented,” Lemke said. “I think the one judge on The Voice said it best when she said, ‘You are more of an artist, than a vocalist’ and I believe that to be true.”

 Lemke said it will be fun to see his progress on the show and no matter the outcome, what he will learn, musically, will help him to continue to grow his talent and follow his dream.

 To follow Henson and the other contestants of the show, download The Voice app on your smartphone, follow on Twitter or go to

About The Voice

 “The Voice” is a show about real talent. Four famous musicians search for the best voices in America and will mentor these singers to become artists. America will decide which singer will be worthy of the grand prize.

 The show’s innovative format features three stages of competition. The first begins with the blind audition, then the competition enters into a battle phase, and finally, the live performance shows. Each coach will have their best contestant left standing to compete in the finale.

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