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 At its Monday, Jan. 6 work session, the Fenton City Council was presented with the audit for the fiscal year ending 2019 (FY 19). In his cover letter to the mayor and City Council, City Manager Lynn Markland said, “The city of Fenton has ended the fiscal year improving our stable financial condition and the economy in the community has continued to improve.”

 Markland reported that several businesses have remodeled or updated their facilities and several new businesses have come into the community.

 During the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2019, the city’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was very active, according to Markland. He mentioned the completion of several downtown projects

including the construction of the Horizon Building, the new ReJuv Ave. building and the new four-story building currently under construction in the downtown area. He also highlighted the recent construction of the former Kmart property and other improvements along Silver Parkway.

 “The real estate values and home ownership have continued to improve in the city,” Markland said. “…These new homes represent additional property tax income for the city and will aid in increasing the city population for the 2020 Census.”

 The current population of the city of Fenton is 11,746, he reported. “The city of Fenton’s population growth is an unusual trend in the state of Michigan,” Markland said. “Population growth continued during the recession and projections by Genesee County indicate that growth in the city of Fenton will continue through at least 2035.

 “With all of the businesses in the city, the daytime population is estimated at 50,000,” he said. “There is a high level of interest for developing in Fenton, as reflected by interest from business and residential developers. The city’s location near several major metropolitan markets and our relatively new position as the commercial hub for southern Genesee, northern Livingston, and western Oakland counties, quality education systems, abundant natural resources, downtown development, commercial redevelopment and the overall quality of life improvements will continue to make Fenton an attractive community.”

 The city of Fenton’s FY 2019 audit by Yeo & Yeo, CPAs and Business Consultants, can be read in its entirety with the online version of this report at myfenton.com.

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