Fenton City Hall

 The Fenton Building and Zoning Department is making a few changes aimed at making day-to-day operations more efficient.

 At its Monday, July 1 work session, the City Council approved two requests by Building and Zoning Administrator Mike Reilly — one to re-arrange current office space to better accommodate staff and visitors, and two, to purchase digital equipment for the review and storage of construction plans.

 Upon review of the department’s functionality, Reilly proposed switching offices to place the majority of personnel in the larger office. This will put Reilly’s office adjacent to that of the Public Works director. This will allow Reilly to close off the office for private discussions without “trapping” people in the center room.

 As he was previously instructed, Reilly contacted Space, the company that designed the front office work space. A representative from Space provided a design proposal that includes new work stations with adjustable desks and work space dividers.

 The total cost to implement this plan will be $12,116.40.

 “I am proposing to take the department 'paperless,' which is a two-fold benefit,” Reilly said. Document storage will be greatly reduced, another space saver.

 Reilly proposed the purchase of a digital construction plan review table with a plotter/scanner. The construction plans will be submitted, reviewed and approved in digital format, he said. “The digital plans will be accessible to our field inspectors, fire and police emergency responders with modem access,” Reilly said.

 The total cost of the plan table is $19,223. Required licensing will be $1,037 per year. The plotter/scanner will cost $10,995 and six printer cartridges will cost $720.

 In considering this change, Reilly said he discussed the matter with the State of Michigan Bureau of Construction Codes to ensure compliance.

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