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    We appear to be living in an age of tumult and turmoil unseen since the 1960s. Political division is nothing new in America. We have gone through periods of serious social upheaval. What is different today is amplification of the emotional discord by the multiple channels of media delivering disparate and contradictory interpretations of the issues and events.

     Never has political posturing been so preposterous, the rhetoric been so rancorous, nor the hypocrisy and hyperbole been so blatant. Where can a sane, normal person find refuge and peace from the maelstrom of madness?

     Fenton Area Toastmasters is offering a special themed meeting on Friday, Oct. 18, titled “Finding Peace in Pandemonium.” The public is invited to come and learn different techniques and philosophies for finding tranquility within when the world appears to be descending into chaos around you.

     Toastmasters will be presenting speeches on prayer and meditation and how these techniques can help you to find a sense of calm.

     This is a non-denominational discussion that will not get into specific tenets of any particular religious belief. Instead, certain techniques will be shared, which are universal in their ability to help the individual find personal peace and perspective.

     Fenton Area Toastmasters meets every Friday morning — except holidays and Fenton High School snow days — in the training room of the Fenton Fire Department, 205 E. Caroline St., Fenton. Parking and entrance is on the east side of the building. Meetings start promptly at 7:45 a.m. and run for about an hour. Visitors are always welcome. Visit the Fenton Area Toastmasters website at or call (810) 620-7590.

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