Who doesn’t want a shiny new car wrapped in a big, red bow under their Christmas tree this year?

 This may be more of a possibility for Santa Claus than you might think, thanks to end-of-the-year manufacturing incentives, dealership volume goals and your own “wish list” for a new car (assuming, of course, you’re on Santa’s good list).

 Black Friday will be here in two days and that not only starts the big Christmas shopping rush, it’s also the beginning of the big push for end-of-the-year new vehicle sales — for purchase or for lease.

 It’s an important time of year for dealerships trying to meet their sales goals, while providing customers with all the advantages of extra holiday spirit and plenty of “wheeling and dealing” before the New Year.

 “The end of the year sales are really important for Vic Canever Chevrolet and GM (General Motors),” said Chris Bonner, sales manager at Vic Canever Chevrolet in Fenton. “Our busiest two months of the year occur sometime during the summer and during the end of the year. The Black Friday Sale starts this end-of-year- push and continues until the end of December.”

 On the practical side, automakers and dealers want to move unsold inventory before the end of the calendar year and make room for as many 2020 models as possible.

 “It’s a great time to get in on a clearance 2019 model, and we have a nice selection of 2020 models on the lot and coming in every day, now that the (GM) strike has ended,” Bonner said.

 Customers interested in the popular Equinox, a compact SUV crossover, will find plenty to like during this sale because of low lease payments, its sporty style and fuel economy. Other popular crossovers include the Trax, Blazer and the three-row seating of the Traverse, all available in front- or all-wheel drive.

  GM is also having a Truck Month Sale on the all-new Silverado, with savings up to 20 percent off the manufacturer suggested retail price (MSPR). “There’s still ample 2019 clearance inventory available,” Bonner said.

 The holiday sales enthusiasm runs deep at Lasco Ford in Fenton, too. “We’re obviously motivated to make the most of trade-ins for our customers and buying customers out of their leases,” said Jay Lasco, vice president. “Everything has ramped up since mid-November with a big push for Black Friday and deals will run through Jan. 2, 2020.”

 Customers looking for a new ride might like to save more than $10,000 on a brand new F-150, “our best-selling vehicle,” Lasco said. “There are also a lot of great lease deals.”

 Maybe Santa himself might consider buying a new “sleigh” this year, before making his big ride across the world on Christmas Eve. He could get excited about more interior room for toys and better fuel efficiency than he’s ever had before.

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