Argentine Twp. — The unauthorized drawbridge on Lobdell Lake is out. 

 Installed July 8, the structure that connected Whitehead Drive to Turtle Island in Lobdell Lake was removed from the water Tuesday, Aug. 13 after more than a month.

 “I am very happy that Mr. DeGayner is cooperating with the state. The township’s take is that he’s got to get it off the property,” said Brian Saad, Argentine Township supervisor. “More than anything, I hope his neighbors can get back to being neighbors, loving the guy and forgiving him — being neighborly.”

 Owner Brett DeGayner did not apply or receive the necessary permits from the Department of Environmental, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) or from Argentine Township. He violated Part 101 of the Inland Lakes and Streams law and Part 303 of Wetlands Protection in the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act.

 EGLE sent DeGayner a letter explaining the violations and gave him a deadline of July 28 to take it out. 

 The deadline passed and the structure was still in the water. 

 DeGayner spoke more with state officials and in early August, Scott Dean, strategic communications advisor from EGLE, said the drawbridge would be taken out Tuesday, Aug.13.

 B&M Tower Services, located in Fenton, removed the structure with a crane. Workers first took out the steel beams that held the drawbridge in place, and they used the crane to drag the pontoons of the bridge on shore. 

 The bridge was 150 feet long. It consisted of two steel pontoons about 12-feet wide and 50-plus-feet long, each with a ramp on the landward end.

 DeGayner said he is not prepared to make a statement at this time. 

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