During a special Fenton City Council meeting Friday, Nov. 12, council members approved the cost for excavation services for drainage improvement work on S. LeRoy Street and award the project to Rohde Bros. Excavating, Inc. The cost is expected to be $12,200 based on the company’s Nov. 3 proposal.

 Dan Brisson, public works director, wrote a Nov. 4 memo to City Manager Lynn Markland regarding the drainage work on S. LeRoy Street.

 Brisson said there is a stormwater drainage swale that runs from 1011 Adelaide St. east to 1160 S. LeRoy St. that turns north through the 1160 and 1130 S. LeRoy properties. A swale is a shallow troughlike depression that’s created to carry water during rainstorms or snow melts like a a drainage ditch.

 The swale ends at 1060 S. LeRoy St., which is city-owned property. The drainage swale is on private property and has been established for many years. During heavy rainfall, there has been ongoing flooding problems for some of the S. LeRoy homeowners where city staff and OHM, the city’s engineers, worked together to inspect the area during heavy rain events to determine a viable solution.

 OHM recommended two improvements. The first is to add a drainage swale on 1060 S. LeRoy to connect the existing swale to the drainage ditch that runs along the west side of S. LeRoy. The second recommendation is to reduce stormwater flow from S. LeRoy/Jayne traveling downhill to the north, add a cross drainage pipe from the existing ditch line to an existing stormwater retention structure located on the east side of S. LeRoy at the 1135 S. LeRoy property.

 Some trees and small brush will need to be removed from one property on S. LeRoy to allow room for construction of the swale extension.

 Pricing for excavation work was obtained from two local, established excavation contractors – Cook Excavating of Birch Run and Rohde Bros. Excavating of Saginaw.

 Rohde Bros. provided a less costly proposal than Cook Excavating. City council approved $12,200 for the project. Funding for the project will be paid partially from the sewer/storm fund and the remainder will be recovered when 1060 S. LeRoy Street is sold. Work is expected to begin immediately and the drainage pipe across S. LeRoy will be attempted this month on in December, weather permitting.

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