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 In 2019, the most common crimes in the tri-county area were assaults, larcenies, and OWIs (operating a vehicle while intoxicated.)

 Here are the local crime numbers from 2019. 

City of Fenton, provided by Lt. Jeff Cross

 Police report 106 incidents of OWIs and OUIDs (operating while under the influence of drugs) in 2019, compared with 71 incidents in 2018. 

 Retail fraud continues to be one of Fenton’s most common crimes, with 96 incidents in 2019, compared to 100 in 2018. There were 61 other fraud reports last year and 71 in 2018. 

 Larceny from auto cases increased from 28 to 31, and car thefts dropped from 11 in 2018 to five in 2019. 

 There were 63 incidents of assault in 2019, a small increase from the 61 the year prior. 

 Police responded to 24 drug-related offenses in 2019. Criminal sexual conduct cases saw a slight increase of 13 in 2018 to 16 in 2019, and breaking and entering incidents decreased from 23 to 18. 

 Police report three cases of stalking, one arson case and zero cases of homicide for 2019. 

Fenton Township, provided by Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson

 Retail fraud was the most common crime in the township in 2019 with 109 incidents, followed by assaults at 94. Police report 62 cases of larceny and larceny from auto, 32 OWIs, 11 breaking and entering cases, and eight criminal sexual conduct cases. There were four drug related offenses, one arson case, one stalking case and zero homicides. 

Linden, provided by Police Chief Scott Sutter

 In 2019, Linden’s most common crime was assault at 11, an increase from nine in 2018. The number of larcenies stayed the same at nine. Officers responded to four incidents of OWIs in 2019. 

 The city had three cases of larceny from autos (nine in 2018), three cases of retail fraud (zero in 2018) and one report of breaking and entering in 2019 (four in 2018). Sutter reported no cases of homicide, criminal sexual conduct or car theft. 

Argentine Township, provided by Police Chief Daniel Allen

 Police report 38 cases of OWIs, 17 fraud cases, 14 assaults, and 11 drug offenses. There were 11 reports of damage to property, nine reports of larceny, eight reports of breaking and entering and five cases of larceny from autos. The township had five cases of criminal sexual conduct, three stolen vehicles, one retail fraud, one arson and zero homicides.

Holly Township, provided by F/Lt. Michael Shaw of the Michigan State Police

 In 2019, the MSP reported 25 cases of assault (aggravated and non-aggravated), 21 cases of OWIs, 11 cases of breaking and entering, and 10 cases of larceny and larceny from auto.

 There were eight cases of retail fraud, four cases of stalking, four cases of drug-related offenses and three cases of criminal sexual conduct. MSP reports zero cases of car theft, arson or homicide. 

Holly Village, provided by Police Chief Jerry Narsh

 The village experienced 25 incidents of larceny and larceny from autos in 2019 compared to 39 in 2018, the most significant drop in a crime category. Assaults decreased from 33 in 2018 to 22 in 2019 and drug-related offenses increased from seven to 20. Retail fraud numbers almost remained the same at 14 in 2018 and 15 in 2019. 

 There were 13 cases of breaking and entering in 2019, compared to 10 in 2018. Police reported eight cases of criminal sexual conduct in 2019 and five in 2018. OWIs decreased from nine to four in that time period. Vehicle theft decreased from two to one. 

 Arson cases decreased from two to zero, and police report zero cases of homicides or stalking in either year.

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