There have been several reports of coyote sightings in the tri-county area.

 One Fenton area resident snapped photos of a coyote the morning of Monday, Feb. 15 near Fenton AGS Middle School. The photos were shared on the Nextdoor app to alert others in the area.

 According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR), coyotes are common throughout Michigan in rural to urban areas.

Coyote facts

• Active day and night, most active around sunrise and sunset

• Abundant in areas where adequate food, cover and water are available

• Home range size depends on the food and cover resources available and on the number of other coyotes in an area. It generally averages between 8-12 square miles, in urban areas they average 2-5 miles

• Breeding takes place January to March and people are more likely to see and hear coyotes during this time

• Mated pairs and 4-7 pups occupy the home range during the spring and summer seasons

• If there is a den nearby, people may also see the adults throughout the summer as they care for their pups

• Pups leave the den site in the fall and these young dispersing animals are sometimes more visible

• Coyotes eat a variety of foods: small mammals such as mice, voles, shrews, rabbits, hares and squirrels are preferred foods. However, insects, fruits, berries, birds, frogs, snakes, deer, plants and seeds are also eaten

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