Fenton — On Monday, June 8, the Midwest Sculpture Initiative (MSI) of Blissfield finished installing the 2020 exhibit in downtown Fenton.

 These annual exhibits are normally installed late April to early May, but the Michigan COVID-19 stay-at-home order excluded MSI crews from their business. The final sculpture was selected as an alternate after their first choice was sold. The final sculpture, “Pier Work,” by Mark Beltchenko was installed Monday in the lot behind the Red Fox Outfitters building.

 According to John Strayer, chair of the selection committee, most of the sculptures were installed May 28. This is the eighth exhibit, and cost approximately $14,000, which was paid for by the Downtown Development Authority (DDA). These sculptures will remain until the next exhibit in 2021.

 Driving the downtown economy was the impetus for these exhibits and 2020 is no different. “Art’s incredibly important to business success in a community,” Strayer said, adding that it’s an open air walk, and the annual sculpture shows draw more visitors every year.

“Everybody’s anxious, nervous, but optimistic too.”

 Strayer said they’ll again be providing a walking map for the sculptures soon.

 The 2020 exhibit provides pedestrians with nine new conversation pieces as they stroll downtown. There also are nine permanent pieces.

Fenton Rotary Club buys sculpture for Fenton Fire Department

 Sculpture “Sixth Fire” by Cynthia McKean will find a permanent home at the Fenton Fire Department FFD this year, thanks to the Fenton Rotary Club.

 Chief Bob Cairnduff said the department was hoping to raise funds this spring to purchase the sculpture, which was part of the 2019 exhibit, originally located at the Fire Hall restaurant.

 The pandemic squashed that idea so Cairnduff approached the Fenton Firefighters Association, which also has a member of the Fenton Rotary Club. “We were shocked when he came back to us and informed us that the Rotary wanted to buy the sculpture for the department,” Cairnduff said.

 The final price was $7,000. It will be located near the entry point for the FFD building with new landscaping done by FFD staff and firefighters.

 This brings the permanent pieces in Fenton to nine.


Title: Wall Goats

Location: Pedestal behind City Hall

Artist: Jonathan Bowling

Title: Trojan Ocarina

Location: Caroline and LeRoy streets

Artist: Judith Greavnu

Title: Bus Stop

Location: In front of City Hall

Artist: Todd Kime

Title: Bounce

Location: Next to the post office

Artist: Todd Kime

Title: Fisherman

Location: Across from Fenton Hotel & Tavern patio

Artist: Ken Thompson

Title: To Hope

Location: Behind Fire Hall restaurant beside the river

Artist: William Walther

Title: A Sign of Love

Location: In front of Sagano Japanese Bistro & Steakhouse

Artist: Alex Mendez

Title: Spiked

Location: In front of Andiamo

Artist: Richard Morgan

Title: Pier Work

Location: East of Red Fox Outfitters

Artist: Mark Beltchenko

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