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 On Monday, June 13, Linden City Council unanimously rejected an approximate $155,780 plan to fix water drainage issues on Ripley Road. 

 The city of Linden is responsible for Ripley Road from Silver Lake Road to Rolston Road. The road often has large potholes that fill with water during the rainy season. Officials said the poor road conditions stem from a lack of proper drainage.

 City Manager Ellen Glass and Department of Public Works (DPW) Director Don Grice have been working on a plan to improve the conditions of Ripley Road. They proposed a three-step plan during the Monday, May 9 meeting and the city collected bids. Council rejected a plan to hire Joe Raica Excavating, Inc. for $155,780.

 In their letter to the board, they described Ripley Road as “Wet, rough and sometimes nearly impassible.” Grice has fielded multiple complaints about the road.

 “Despite maintenance efforts by both us and Genesee County, you’re really limited with what you can do to it because we cannot get the water off that surface quick enough before it deteriorates the road conditions,” Grice said during the May meeting. 

 They’ve been in contact with the Genesee County Road Commission (GCRC) during this process. The three-step plan was expected to better prepare the surface for future enhancements. 

1. Remove multiple trees along the edges of Ripley Road to make way for proper ditching

2. Ditch both sides of the road in the appropriate locations to provide proper drainage and relief from rain and snow melt events

3. Remove old, undersized culverts and install new properly sized cross culverts

 “Every indication is that Ripley Road has been problematic for some time. Its current configuration will not allow the proper shedding of water which directly leads to the rapid deterioration of the roadway despite maintenance efforts,” according to a letter by Glass and Grice to the council. 

  Mayor Danielle Cusson said, “The proposed repairs to Ripley were only to the northern portion of the road. Council felt this was a lot of money to spend on the portion of the road that is shared with Fenton Township where we do not have residents residing. When the talks originated with this project, we had hoped the county would do the work without the hefty price on it. Considering the condition of the southern portion of Ripley and other roads, Council felt the $155,000 was better spent in other places.”

  Manager Ellen Glass said, “The city will need to address water main infrastructure on Ripley Road in the next couple of years and that would allow us to address the drainage and grading issues at that time as well.”


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