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 Linden — On Monday, June 14, the same day demolition began on the Beacon & Bridge site, the Linden City Council approved a plan for PM Environmental, Inc. to install underground remediation wells around the Beacon & Bridge property in downtown Linden. 

 The council allowed PM Environmental access to S. Bridge Street and E. Broad Street to install up to 21 wells and associated piping for construction of a soil and groundwater treatment system.

 This comes seven years after an underground gasoline leak was first detected. Beacon & Bridge paid to have a remediation system installed to the north last year and this will be the south remediation system. They timed the installation of the wells with the redevelopment project of the Beacon & Bridge convenience store and gas pumps, which also began Monday.

 The PM Environmental plans approved correlate with the updated plans showing where the new building structure will be located, said Christie Santiago, senior project manager at PM Environmental. The tank removal will start next week, which is when they will remove contaminated soil. 

 The south remediation system will be installed on the east and west side of S. Bridge Street and on the south side of Broad Street. A few will be located on the Beacon & Bridge property. 

 Santiago said they won’t be cutting a trench across Bridge Street.

 “That’ll be horizontally drilled across the street,” she said. 

 The timeline will be dependent on contractors’ availability. Santiago said late this summer is possible. 

 The remediation system enclosure with the tank will be located next to the dumpster in the corner of the lot. This is the only thing in the system that will be above ground. The sidewalks will be ripped out and replaced, like how workers did the north remediation system. 

 Councilor Pam Howd asked how long it will take once they dig up the tanks and begin work on the contaminated soil. Santiago said the estimate is two weeks to pull the tanks and the contaminated soil, and that’s supposed to start Monday. It should finish in a couple of weeks, and then they’ll begin other construction. 

 City Manager Ellen Glass said they’ve had verbal confirmation on the timeline, and the contractor has been “phenomenal” in keeping in touch with the city. He attended the Grow Linden meeting to start conversations with businesses.  

 “We don’t have a hard, fast timeline,” she said. “There’s such a lead time on certain things, so it was hard for them to give us a hard, fast timeline.”

 Glass said the contractor mentioned four months.

 Mayor Danielle Cusson said it’s important that they stay advised on the schedule for remediation. 

 “A couple years ago when we were talking about this, one of the things I said was, ‘this looks great. I just don’t want it to happen in the middle of our sesquicentennial celebration.’ As luck would have it, guess where we are?” Cusson said. “We’re having our opening for our sesquicentennial celebration on July 17 and we have activities planned downtown.”

 She said communication is essential and they have to make sure the safety of the residents is taken into account.

 “When these wells are being dug, we need to make sure that all precautions are taking place,” she said. 

 Santiago said there’s no problem making sure communication is happening. 

 “We want to make this as seamless as possible,” she said.

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