Tyrone Twp. — The vocal prowess of Christian music group Avalon washed over the crowd and their banter between songs drew laughter.

 On Thursday, April 4, the band performed to a crowd of 210 at the Tyrone Covenant Presbyterian Church as part of the Fenton Right to Life Foundation (FRTLF) fundraiser dinner.

 Avalon has a strong following and a list of accolades including six Dove Awards (music industry awards for Christian artists),

three Grammy nominations, 22 No. 1 songs and one American Music Award. They have nearly 150,000 likes on Facebook.

 This concert is an important annual fundraiser for FRTLF. Board Member Wendy Laskowski said the Avalon concert in 2018 was so well received that they brought them back.

 Profits will pay for a variety of FRTLF programs. One aspect is spreading their anti-abortion message through billboards, TV and social media ads.

 The other is practical support for women and families, like the Crisis Pregnancy Center and Fenton Center of Hope.

 Laskowski said the FRTLF seeks to “raise awareness of abortion and educate the public that it’s a human being, and not a blob of tissue, that life is precious from the moment of conception to natural death.” She said they urge adoption and not abortion.

 The foundation has paid rent for women in crisis and filled dressers with formula and diapers.

 “We’ll help women who have not chosen life — if they need it,” Laskowski said. She said that woman who choose abortion end up with a different set of problems than ones who have not chosen abortion, and the foundation is there for them as well.

 She isn’t sure how much they’ll raise at the concert. They sold 210 tickets at $35 each for a total of $7,350. This doesn’t include expenses such as food and paying the band, and any extra donations that come in. “It’s different so much from year to year,” she said, adding that Tyrone Covenant Presbyterian has been very supportive over the years.

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