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Phil Hagerman

 To continue to move Flint forward, the Community Foundation of Greater Flint (CFGF) announces a new partnership with The Hagerman Foundation, a local funder whose mission has been to brighten and improve the lives of future generations.

 The Hagerman Foundation has established the Hagerman Foundation Fund of the CFGF. The Hagerman family created the Foundation in 2014, and now they are working with CFGF to make the transition for future grantmaking.

 The Hagerman Foundation has invested over $17 million in grants to local nonprofit organizations over the past six years.

 “We have supported organizations that promote education, life skills, entrepreneurship, ministry, counseling, and the arts,” said Phil Hagerman, founder and president of The Hagerman Foundation. “We will forever be grateful for how this community embraced the Foundation’s strategies of finding innovative ways to address our challenges, making our community better for all, particularly the youngest among us. I look forward to continuing our

philanthropic legacy through the community foundation.”

 Isaiah M. Oliver, president and CEO of CFGF, said he looks forward to deepening the relationship with the Hagerman family and their desire to continue place-based philanthropy.

 “We have a history of working with donors who are committed to a vibrant and equitable Genesee County where everyone can thrive,” Oliver said. “The Hagerman family’s commitment to our community is unwavering. I look forward to honoring their past as we continue to move Flint forward through innovative solutions that promote youth, education and our community.”

 Nonprofits may direct their grant proposals to CFGF in the future. To apply for a grant, visit or call for more information at (810) 767-8270.

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