Colleen and Randall Thompson

 Although he has been an advocate and volunteer for his community for many years, most people today know Randall Thompson, 47, of Fenton Township as the president of Citizens

for a Better Genesee County. He was also involved with Freedom Works, with local debate clubs and volunteering with Fenton and Lake Fenton schools’ sports programs.

 His most recent accomplishment was to help get the countywide arts millage on the Aug. 6, 2018 passed. In a Times article before the millage passed, Thompson was quoted as saying, “Our area is more than just the bad news of the water crisis or how we were depicted in Netflix’s ‘Flint Town. We are in the midst of rebuilding and rebranding our community. From better jobs and wages — to increasing property values, this is just another step in the direction of making people understand that Genesee County is a great place to live, work and raise a family.”

 On June 14, while in Minneapolis to give a speech, Thompson’s life changed in an instant when the driver of an SUV turned a corner and struck him as he was crossing a downtown street after the “Walk” indicator was displayed.

 Thompson’s sister, Connie Leurck, describes what happened on a gofundme account she established to help her brother with mounting medical bills.

 “Although he was thrown in the air (one of his shoes was even knocked off his foot), he miraculously had no head/brain trauma,” Leurck said. “However, he sustained many other serious injuries, including over 60 breaks/fractures to his right leg, multiple breaks in his left leg, breaks in his right wrist, right elbow, and a cracked rib.  He has been through two surgeries and upcoming surgeries are required.

 Those who know Thompson know he is a fighter. It will be at least several months before he will be able to work again.  “As a husband and father, his biggest fear and concern right now is being unable to provide for his family,” Leurck said.  “Although the driver of the SUV that hit him was insured, it was basic/minimal coverage for this type of situation and won’t begin to cover the expenses incurred, the lost income, and many more costs still to come. “

 Thompson, his wife, Colleen and their school-age children — David, Connor, Ashley, Reid, Josh and McKenna — will need to move to a handicap accessible apartment suitable for his recovery once he is able to come home.

 “My brother has touched countless lives through his work to make life better for Michigan residents, through his volunteer work with many charitable causes, through his children’s lives, sports and activities, through his faith, and through the many neighbors and friends he’s had through the years,” Leurck wrote on the gofundme page.

 “It is never easy to ask for help.  It is humbling and difficult to admit that you need support.  So I am asking on behalf of him and his family,” she said.  

 On July 6, Colleen Thompson posted this update on Facebook: “I am so happy to report that Randy has been accepted by the University of Michigan Orthopedics program and we have an appointment to find out when his next surgeries will be. Until then, as hard as this is, I know many of you have been asking how you could help or contribute, and I know I haven’t had very good answers. Now that we’re getting a better grasp of the magnitude of our situation, we ask that you read, contribute if possible, and share this with as many folks and/or organizations as possible. I have been blessed to see my husband do so much for many families, businesses, candidates and causes — I pray that many of you will consider helping our family during this difficult time.” 

 To make a contribution, go too and look for “Rally 4 the Randall Thompson family.”

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