A coffee shop and bakery, along with self-storage, is coming to Torrey Road. 

 On Monday, June 7, the Fenton Township Board of Trustees held a public hearing and first reading for a split and rezoning request for the property on Torrey Road, at North Long Lake Road.

 Adam Shoemaker, owner of Unlimited Offroad, wishes to split off 1.113 acres of residential land at 11394 Torrey Road to combine it with 11428 Torrey Road and change the zoning from R-3, single

family residential, to C-3, general commercial. The property to the west of this area is also zoned commercial. 

 With this change, their commercial property in that spot would be 4 acres, which meets the minimum requirement for self-storage in the C-3 zoning district. The change would be consistent with the master plan and the future land use classification for the area. The owner of the property listed on the application is Creekside Properties Development, Inc. 

 Michael Deem, zoning administrator, said the front part of the property is zoned C-3 and the property behind is R-3. There’s also a nearby industrial parcel. 

 Treasurer John Tucker said this property is in the area that’s newly classified as mixed use. He said he’s been curious to see what would happen with it, and there’s been some interest. The first request was for a single family subdivision, but the self storage companies are driving the market right now. 

 Shoemaker said they purchased the existing building, which used to be a machine shop, last May with the anticipation of expanding their Jeep and truck customization company, which is Unlimited Offroad on Thompson Road. They did a complete remodel inside and outside. 

 “We were going to use the rear of the building for our company and then rent the front out to whoever wanted it. We were approached by Alisa Antonangeli, who wanted to start the coffee shop and I actually had a purchase agreement on the building so she could rent the front from us,” Shoemaker said. “She is the one that had the dream of the coffee shop bakery set up.”

 They chose to use the rear of the property for a low impact use, such as self-storage, because of the restaurant setting and a residential property to the north. He said self-storage has low traffic because most people access their vehicles or boats on an infrequent basis. 

 One main hurdle is completing the remodeling of the existing building and the exterior land improvements. 

 Originally, they approached the township about obtaining a special land-use authorization because a self-storage facility requires four acres and they only had three with the original purchase. However, they purchased one more acre of residential property. 

 “The property behind the residential is actually industrial as well so this works well,” he said. They’re hoping to have the building be operational within the next 30 days. They installed the well this past week and then they’ll work on the sewer line and parking lot. 

 The second reading and vote will be conducted on the June 21 meeting.

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