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In this 2016 Times photo, Thomas Broecker, operations manager/deputy clerk for Fenton Township, works at the presidential primary election.

 The Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks (MAMC) recently awarded Thomas Broecker, operations manager/deputy clerk of Fenton Township, the Certified Michigan Municipal Clerk (CMMC) designation.

 The CMMC program was launched in January 2014 to encourage city, township and village clerks to seek continuing education specifically related to the duties of Michigan clerks.

 MAMC believes a focus on education is essential for municipal clerks to provide informed, quality leadership for their communities in the face of constant legislative change and increased demands on Michigan’s public servants.

 A clerk must invest in a minimum of 120 hours of education programming over three years to quality for certification, and must continue to obtain education points to maintain the certification. Whether elected or appointed, municipal clerks serve a powerful role in coordinating public programs and influencing legislative initiatives.

 MAMC says Broecker is to be commended for the hard work, perseverance and commitment expended to attain CMMC certification and the dedication to providing quality service to the public and the municipality he serves.

 Broecker said he was pleased to have received the award and grateful to the Fenton Township Board for giving him the opportunity to attend the MAMC Clerks Institute.

 “I believe that earning the CMMC designation demonstrates a commitment to the public to provide municipal services at a high level of excellence and professionalism,” Broecker said. “It is important for all public officials to have a strong work ethic and perform their duties in a manner that earns the trust and confidence of their community.

 “With so many changes in recent years, particularly in the area of elections, it is vitally important for someone in my position to take advantage of educational opportunities to ensure that trust and confidence does not decline.”

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