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Applicants Brian and Jeanette Tait are working with Fenton Township on their proposed Lake Fenton Self Storage on Torrey Road, just north of Thompson Road. 

A new storage facility, called Lake Fenton Self Storage, is one step closer to coming to Fenton Township at 11191 and 11175 Torrey Road. These properties are located north of Thompson Road on the east side of Torrey Road.

 On Monday, April 20, during a telephone conference call, the Fenton Township Board of Trustees passed a proposed zoning ordinance amendment to revise the conditions for a previously approved PUD zoning. The proposed amendment would permit the development of a self-storage facility on the subject property.

 Applicants Brian and Jeanette Tait thanked the board for considering their proposal. The area they wish to develop is 16.25 acres. 

 Treasurer John Tucker said the property would still be zoned PUD, but the conditions allowed for the property would be changed. The applicants wish to allow outside parking for boats, RVs and other recreational type trailers.

 According to the meeting minutes, self-storage is a commercial or industrial use that generates low traffic and water use. When properly screened, self-storage facilities can act as a buffer between residential and more intensive commercial uses.

 No storage of hazardous materials will be allowed, a maximum height for the storage units would be set, and there would be setbacks to create an appropriate buffer for the neighboring residential community.

 The applicant, Brian Tait, spoke during the conference call and addressed concerns from residents. Everyone within 300 feet of the location is being notified of the progress. He disagreed with one comment from a resident who said the area did not need any more storage facilities.

 Other resident concerns include water build up, environmental issues, excessive lighting, and 24/7 access, which could lead to more traffic at odd times of the day. One resident said they were not in favor of a storage facility being built at that location.

 Tucker said the proposed changes and use are consistent with the Master Plan and the location is in a mixed-use area that allows storage facilities. He said many of these issues were site plan issues, which would be addressed when the topic goes back to the Planning Commission.

 Zoning Administrator Mike Deem also addressed residents’ concerns, and said the next step is for the Planning Commission to discuss it on May 14.

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