Linden — Beacon & Bridge in Linden is demolished. 

 Work started Monday, June 14, beginning a redevelopment project that will change the look of downtown Linden after the convenience store and gas station is rebuilt. 

 “It’s exciting,” said Robert Eastman, owner of Quick-Sav Food stores and Beacon & Bridge. “Everybody who grew up in Linden knows Beacon & Bridge.”

 Eastman has owned Beacon & Bridge at 110 E. Broad St. for 43 years, and it has operated as

Linden’s sole gas station for years with four gas pumps. He said this is his third building. 

 Plans for redevelopment were approved in May 2020. The convenience store will be moved to the north end of the property and the gas pumps will be moved to the southern portion. After work is done, the current 2,240-square-foot convenience store will be 2,592 square feet and there will be eight pumps located on the south portion of the property. 

 Eastman wasn’t there Monday when work began, but he was getting descriptions from onlookers. 

 Scott Nelson, vice president of Quick-Sav Food Stores/Beacon & Bridge Markets, told Eastman that there were a surprising number of people watching the demolition Monday, and that there was enthusiasm from the community. 

 “They view it as progress, more of a community spirit. We’re finally making progress as a community,” Eastman said. 

 Eastman said there was some friction getting plans approved, but it was nice to be able to work with Linden. 

 “We worked out our differences and came up with a plan that works for everyone in Linden. I thank Linden for their cooperation,” he said, adding that his goal is to provide customers with what they need and to be able to bring jobs into the city. 

 “It’ll be a beautiful new facility,” he said. 

 One of the most important aspects is the addition of two new gasoline islands, which will provide four more pumps for a total of eight. Eastman said it will be more convenient for customers to get gasoline, and he hopes it will help ease traffic and safety issues. 

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