Linden — Beacon & Bridge market and gas station in downtown Linden wants to expand. 

 Located at 110 E. Broad St., the gas station and convenience store has served the Linden community for years. It currently has four pump stations.The Linden Planning Commission approved the conditional rezoning, special land use and preliminary site plan applications at its Aug. 5 meeting.

 The owners wish to demolish the two buildings named in the proposal and build a new eight-pump gas station with a 2,592-square-foot convenience store, larger than the current store, which is 2,240 square feet, according to a preliminary draft of the Aug. 5 meeting minutes. 

The new store would be built at the northwestern corner of the site with the gas station canopy proposed to extend south of the building. 

 The subject site consists of two adjacent properties, 110 E. Broad St., which is the existing gas station and convenience store, and 111 S. Bridge St., which currently houses a vacant building. The site totals 14,450 square feet and is zoned central business district (CBD). 

 The owners wish to rezone the property to general commercial district (GCD) with conditions. 

 “Because the proposed rezoning conditions pertain to the use and layout of the property, the applicant has also submitted special land use and preliminary site plan requests, which will be reviewed concurrently with the conditional rezoning request,” according to a Linden Planning Commission staff report by Adam Young, city planner. 

 The gas station is currently out of compliance because CBD zoning does not allow gas stations. A GC Zoning District does allow them. 

 As a special land use, GCD also allows “automobile service stations and washes subject to the requirements set forth in Section 154.094,” according to the report. 

 According to a letter from the applicant dated July 16, 2019, the plan proposes only to allow a gas station and convenience store at the location under the GC Zoning District, but all other zoning requirements for setbacks, lot size, parking requirements and more would be based under CBD Zoning District. 

 Linden City Council will discuss the issue at the Monday, Aug. 26 meeting. 

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