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 On Friday, Sept. 27, Interim Police Chief Scott Fischer for the village of Holly announced in a press release that the Holly Police Department will be working closely to support Holly Village’s Office of Code Enforcement to deal

with numerous recent complaints from citizens regarding improper parking.

 Motor vehicles are being improperly parked in front yards and unauthorized areas within the village. 

 Residents should know that the village ordinance prohibits residential off-street parking in the grass in the front yard and vehicles must be parked on a driveway, parking strip, garage, bay, or a combination.

 This enforcement supports the village’s model vision of a clean and nuisance-free environment for all Holly residents.

 Negative impacts of these sorts of violations include but are not limited to: killing grass, creating ruts, causing mud, may lower property value and aesthetics. “No one likes to look at it,” Fischer wrote.

 Options will be weighed for each reported violation that could include a personal contact requesting the vehicle be moved, a warning notice or a civil infraction violation being issued to the owner.

 Other types of parking violations that will be dealt with include:

• Parking on sidewalks

• Blocking alleyways

• Parking within 15 feet of a fire


• Parking of inoperable vehicles or unlicensed vehicles on public property

• Unlawful handicap parking

 Anyone with questions regarding parking may call the Office of Code Enforcement at (248) 634-9571 or the village of Holly Police Department at (248) 634-8221. For more information, go to

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