Ambulance response times are improving in Fenton Township. 

 On Monday, Dec. 20, during the Fenton Township Board of Trustees meeting, Fire Chief Ryan Volz said since the township entered into an agreement with Medstar Inc. in early November, EMS has been able to respond to medical incidents faster. 

 “They’re doing an excellent job. Our times are actually below the recommended time from the county times of 8:59,” Volz said. Before the agreement, the average response time was about 12 minutes.

Now the response times are around 6:50 to 7 minutes. Long wait times for ambulances is an issue across Genesee County.

 During this meeting, the board passed a resolution to request that Genesee County 911 Dispatch Center recognize the agreement between the township and Medstar for ambulance services. 

 The resolution states, “ the interest of the health, safety and welfare of the residents of Fenton Township, it is imperative that this agreement be recognized by the Genesee County 911 Center.”

 On Nov. 1, the township entered into an agreement with Medstar, which designated the company as the primary provider of EMS/ambulance services in Fenton Township. It requested that the Genesee County 911 Dispatch Center dispatch Medstar to calls in the municipality. 

 Even with the agreement in place, the Genesee County 911 is still the authorized agency that actually controls the handling and assignment of 911 calls in the county. 

 Clerk Robert Krug asked Volz if he believed the township was “stepping” on the 911 Consortium’s toes. Volz said no and that the township is a part of the consortium. 

 “I think as a township, we’ve got a pretty good grasp on the direction we’re going to go with it,” Volz said. “We have an obligation to take care of our residents and I think we’re going to do our best at it.”

 Supervisor Vince Lorraine said they started this process eight or nine months ago when he asked Volz to find the best solution, and he did. 

 “I think it was a great move by this board, and I just want to personally thank you for putting your time and effort and coming up with the best solution,” he said. 

 Medstar has entered into similar agreements with 22-25 other municipalities in Genesee County.

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