Immediately following his 99th birthday a year ago, the family of Earl “Red” Bjurman began celebrating his 100 years of life.

 Bjurman’s birthday was Tuesday, Sept. 1, and his family in Fenton hosted a drive-by birthday party Monday and invited family and folks from near and far to drive by in old classic cars or to stop by and wish him a happy birthday.

 Mary Rossmaessler, Bjurman’s daughter, and her husband Lee hosted the big party Aug. 31 from the front yard of their Swanee Beach Drive home. When he’s not visiting with family, Bjurman lives at Lockwood of Fenton, which held an outdoor birthday party for him on Sept. 1.

 Rossmaessler said more than 100 classic cars went past their house and so many people stopped by to see her dad. She is so grateful for everyone who took part in this celebration, including her neighbors who had to put up with the extra cars.

 She wanted to also thank Bowtie Ridez and another veterans club that brought so many classic cars and fellow veterans to wish Bjurman a happy birthday and to thank him for his service. Bjurman was in the U.S. Air Force, graduated and taught at GMI (Kettering) and later worked for Buick’s national service department. He retired at 60.

 Rossmaessler said her dad has two children, four grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Her mother passed away seven years ago. “Ice cream is really a man’s best friend,” she said. “Everyone was worried about his weight, but he’s outlived everyone.”

 Adding to the birthday celebrations, Uncle Ray’s Dairyland was at Lockwood of Fenton on Sept. 1 handing out free ice cream.

 “I’m just so grateful to people,” she said. “It was just phenomenal, a great community effort.”

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