Because they all look alike and do not feel cold or heat, extraterrestrials do not need to bother with clothing.

Because they all look alike and do not feel cold or heat, extraterrestrials do not need to bother with clothing.

NASA scientists have recently discovered seven Earth-like planets outside of our solar system, a group of rocky globes they are calling TRAPPIST-1. They’re about 40 light years from Earth. That means using today’s rocket technology it would probably take about 11,250 years to get there. These planets are close enough that scientists are going to be able to study them – particularly when the James Webb Space Telescope launches (October 2018). It is believed four of these planets could be habitable. One of them paid a visit recently.

What is your name and how old are you?

 Where I come from, we do not need names. Even though we all look the same to earthlings, we are identified by a specific symbol visible only to those of our species. Each symbol is unique; no two are the same. The symbols are located in our eyes. As far as my age, we do not measure time in such a manner. Since I am alive and will never die, age does not matter.

What do you mean you will never die? Doesn’t it get crowded where you come from?

 No, it does not. People of Earth have no concept of how big and vast the universe really is. It is endless, like a bottomless lake or ocean. There is more than enough room for all souls to live and be happy, and then some.

It sounds like heaven.

 It would seem so, but no, heaven is far more magnificent. We often see the souls who have left their earthly bodies on the way to what you call heaven — their eternal home. We rejoice for them on their journey. They look so peaceful and happy. Ask yourself this, have any returned and said, “I have come back, I did not like it there.” No, of course, not.

Are there really big, ugly aliens like on TV with hunched over bodies, slimy gross-looking heads and tentacles going every which way?

 Unfortunately, yes they do exist. You had an author more than a century ago, a kind soul named L. Frank Baum and he wrote “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.” He explained ugliness quite well through Glinda, the beautiful witch. She said, “Only bad witches are old and ugly.” It is the same in outer space, only bad aliens are old and ugly — and they do die.

You aren’t wearing clothes, don’t you feel naked?

 Since all in my species are identical physically, why would we need to wear clothing? Plus, our bodies are such that we never feel cold or heat, so again, clothes are not necessary. That would really upset your famous designers would it not?

What do you eat and drink to stay alive?

 We consume water like humans, but we do not eat food like earthlings. There are no mammals on our planet except dogs and cats. We do not eat meat so mammals are not necessary. Dogs and cats are superior companions, not only on Earth, but throughout the universe. As far as what sustains us physically, we consume several different liquid concoctions made from foliage on our planet. I believe many humans have embraced the concept of blending super foods with liquid as a healthy meal.

How long have aliens been watching us?

 We have been observing Earth and its people for billions of years. You are a fascinating, yet very sad species. You consider living to be 100 years old a good long run and actually prefer not to live much longer. We marvel at the fact that you consume everything you can from Earth, including things you should not like tobacco and other things that will kill you eventually. You show great intolerance for your differences. You are a jealous people. You fight bloody wars and will do just about anything for power and money. You wonder why we are so much more advanced than you. It is because we do not care about those unimportant, material things.

 The one thing you do have going for yourselves is that like us, you for the most part seem to love each other very much — and that my friends is power.

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