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 Sophia Clements graduated from Lake Fenton High School as salutatorian. She received the Navy ROTC scholarship to attend the University of Southern California. She was MVP of the track team last spring and was MVP of the volleyball team this past fall. She was also named Athlete of the Year at LFHS. She has been a volunteer with YoungLife and is a WyldLife leader. She also volunteers with the middle school youth group at Linden Presbyterian Church. 

Tell us about your family.

 My parents are Shannon and Jim Clements. My older brother, Remington is also in the Navy. 

What were your accomplishments at Lake Fenton High School?

 Female athlete of the year 2019, salutatorian, track MVP 2018, volleyball MVP 2018, and GAC scholars athlete. 

How did it feel to be salutatorian?

 It felt good to know that I could accomplish it especially since I got my only A- the first trimester of my freshman year. It was hard to still drive for all As when my 4.0 was already gone. 

You won the Navy ROTC scholarship. How did that happen and what are your college/future plans?

 The application for the scholarship required many essays, an interview with an officer, and a fitness test. It took several weeks to complete and then months to hear of a result. I was awarded the full scholarship for the University of Southern California and will be attending there in the fall, majoring in Astronautical Engineering. 

What sports did you participate in?

 Volleyball, track and lacrosse. I was part of the first group to play all four years of lacrosse because we started the program my freshman year. 

What were your volunteer activities?

 I helped run middle school youth group every Sunday, led WyldLife clubs every second Saturday night, and spent a month washing dishes everyday at a Young Life camp in Missouri. 

What did you like most about Lake Fenton High School?

 The sense of community seen throughout the school. There were many staff members and friends that I knew I could go to for help at any point if I needed it. 

What’s the best movie you have ever seen?

 Hot Rod because it is so funny and I could watch it over and over.

What’s the best book you have ever read?

 The Zodiac by Robert Graysmith because it is a true story and was a very interesting inside look at the Zodiac Killer.

What makes you laugh?

 Just about anything, but especially my family when we’re all joking with each other. 

What’s been your favorite vacation so far?

 Going to Florida for spring break with my parents and grandma because we got to sit on the beach every day and visit Kennedy Space Center. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

 Either still serving in the Navy or working for NASA or SpaceX.

What advice do you have for incoming high school freshmen?

 Don’t worry about what anyone thinks or says about you, make every day fun, and be yourself. 

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