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Logan Campbell

 Logan Campbell, 17, is a senior at Holly High School. His parents are Scott and Lena Campbell. He has one sibling, Rensle. He’s active in Holly/Brandon lacrosse, and is a cadet with North Oakland Fire Authority (NOCFA). He wants to be a firefighter. He also enjoys working on cars, hunting, fishing and taking sign language courses.

In what ways do you feel that you’ve matured over the last year?

Being in an adult/college setting class for a year as well as being in high school has taught me to be more professional.

What accomplishment are you most proud?

My most proud would be finishing my fire and EMT classes before graduating high school.

What profession do you think will be the most popular when you graduate?

Registered nurses. The medical world is always growing and there is still a huge drive for teens to pursue further education.

Do you want to attend college and where?

I haven’t decided; if I do it will be outside of Michigan to be certified in another state for EMS.

What do you look forward to when you wake up?

Taking another step toward graduating.

What type of career possibility excites you?

First responders. I am taking the next step into doing what I have always wanted to do; I have grown up around firemen, so it seemed fitting.

What have you learned from your grandparents?

Work hard for what you believe in and be proud of who you are.

What do you wish your school would teach that is not currently being taught?

An automotive course that teaches you what to do with general maintenance or problems that occur. 

Which of your school subjects is most useful? Which do you think is useless?

I see all of the subjects in school as important; there are none that are useless, just not in depth to what a particular student needs. 

How do you think school is different today than it was for your parents?

The concepts and standards we are held to. We have a mandated number of topics to learn about, but never one that is in depth … such as math, my algebra class isn’t the same as my younger sister’s, they have different ways of solving. To say it’s easier or harder isn’t up to me. I am glad that things are always changing in education because it means we are cared about and so is our future.

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