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Brady Young

 Brady Young, 18, is a senior at Fenton High School. He currently plays soccer for the Michigan Jaguars. He also is an artist. Although he has won several awards for his artwork, he says, “It is just a hobby. It has always been something fun to do in my free time.”

Tell us more about your soccer career

 I have been playing soccer since I was 6. I have played travel soccer since I was 7 and currently play for the Michigan Jaguars. My team is ranked top in the state and travels nationally to compete. I played four years of varsity soccer at Fenton High School and won multiple district and regional championships.

What have you learned from playing soccer and being an artist?

 With both soccer and art, the more you do the better you get. It’s not a natural talent.

What are your plans after high school?

 My plans after high school are to get a summer job and then continue my education at Northwood University to play soccer and pursue a career in business and construction management.  Someday, I would like to own my own construction firm.

What is the most important thing you have learned from your parents and/or grandparents?

 I take after my dad in a lot of ways — my work ethic, passion for what I do, and way of looking at life. He has taught me to work hard at whatever I do and to do it right the first time.  

If you could spend an entire day with anyone, who would it be and why?

 I would rather spend the day with just myself than pick someone to spend a day with. I really would pick a whole day just to myself where I could do what I want with no interruptions.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

 I like art and drawing Marvel comics. I also love spending time at our lake house up north. Friends are very important to me, so I enjoy playing Xbox with them or hanging out with them.

What does your favorite home-cooked meal look like?

 My mother’s a wonderful cook and has countless meals I enjoy.  

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