Linden — Linden teachers and staff raised nearly $5,000 for Christmas Express and Angel Tree at the 22nd annual Linden Follies at the high school.  

 One of the most popular at Linden schools, the event features teachers performing for students and their families. Each school created a skit and was introduced by the host and Linden Middle School teacher, Elizabeth Molner.

 Teachers of Linden Middle School performed an act based on what it’s like to substitute teach, dealing with students on their phones, stumbling through readings and asking to go to the bathroom right after class starts. Hyatt Elementary teachers did a dance to “Harder, Better, Faster Stronger” by Daft Punk with black lights and neon decorations on their clothes.

 Laughter filled the auditorium when Santa shook his belly when Linden High School teachers lip synced and danced to Christmas versions of popular songs. Superintendent Russ Ciesielski did a skit with the administration building staff about how everyone wants your attention when you’re superintendent, and he decided to be lazy. They lip synced and danced to Bruno Mar’s “The Lazy Song.”

 The audience loved the bus garage’s skit. Drivers and employees walked on stage with items they “found” on the bus, including kids’ toys, one ski, a weed wacker, a kitchen sink, a dog, and cupcakes with a bite taken out of each.

 In between acts, the teachers would read “mean tweets” about themselves, much to their students’ delight.

 All the money goes to Christmas Express and Angel Tree. Christmas Express gives food to families in the Linden School District, and Angel Tree gifts new toys and clothes to children.

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