Last weekend, the Holly area was abuzz with HollyDays activities.

 Unofficially, HollyDays got its start as the Carry Nation Festival years ago, celebrating this American prohibitionist who was famous for using a hatchet to demolish barrooms. The event was revamped in 2015, when the village of Holly celebrated its Sesquicentennial.

 Ever since, the festivities have only grown.

 This most recent event did not disappoint. The event featured a farmers market, a community play, a parade, disc golf, a color run and much more. Festivities began at 8 a.m., Saturday with a prayer for first responders.

 Nick Klempp, secretary of Main Street Holly and the Holly Downtown Development Authority director, said, “HollyDays went very well this year. The committee and volunteers worked hard in a short amount of time to pull things together and it seems like everyone had a great two days celebrating Holly. It was great to see so many people in town having fun and making the community connections we haven’t been able to have lately.”

 In planning the weekend event, Sarah McCanney, event organizer and Holly Village Parks commissioner, said, “We plan to reflect on the important roles our own first responders have in our community. This day will focus on acknowledging them for their dedicated service to the people of Holly.”

Kids of all ages had a variety of fun games to play during the 2021 HollyDays event in downtown Holly.

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