Facebook and email are helpful applications to have on your phone, but exploring other apps can ensure you’re using handheld technology in the most efficient way.

Here are 10 helpful apps to keep and use on your phone.


If you’re going on a vacation, Google Trips is helpful for organizing your schedule, confirming numbers, dates and more. Like most Google services, it pulls information from your Gmail so all your travel information is collected in one app. It also offers activities based on your trip location.

Mobile Passport lets you input your passport information onto your phone in case you lose your physical passport. Because it was developed by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, it allows eligible travelers to skip the customs line at airports.

So far, it’s available at 25 U.S. airports and three cruise ports such as New York and Atlanta.

Police and crime

Waze is an app used by motorists around the world who want to know what’s ahead of them and to help other drivers. The app allows users to input data on their traveling routes about where police are watching for speeders, if there’s traffic, if a car is pulled over on the side of the road and more.

Scanner Radio is a Google app that lets you listen to police scanners. Similar apps include Police Scanner+ Free, Broadcastify, 5-0 Radio Police Scanner and Scanner Radio Deluxe.

Nextdoor is a private social network for neighborhoods. When you sign up, input your address and you’ll be able to see messages and posts from your neighbors about crime, lost dogs, requests for a handyman or a babysitter and more.


GoodRx helps you find discounts on prescription drugs. You can search and compare prices at more than 75,000 pharmacies. You also can get coupons. The app will send you notifications about low prices for your medications.

Yummly is used for recipes and caters to those on specialized diets, such as veganism, the paleo diet, eating gluten-free and other dietary confines. Input your shopping list and what you have in the fridge, and the app will create recipes with those foods.


With gas prices rising in Michigan and other states, using Gasbuddy can save you money. The app will list your local gas stations and their prices for gas, letting you choose the cheapest one.


On the JustWatch app, you can input your favorite shows and movies, and it will tell you what streaming service houses the show, such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube Channel and more. It will alert you when more episodes come out and when certain movies are playing in theaters.

Bandsintown Concerts is a helpful app that tracks which bands will be performing a show near your location. The app looks through your music library on your phone from a number of sources, including Facebook, and tracks your favorite artists. It shows you a calendar of shows in your area. Similar apps include Songkick Concerts and Eventbrite.

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