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In September 2001, Jan Rynearson, the late Tri-County Times features editor, was able to score the recipe for Fr. David Harvey’s chili, served each year at the St. John Applefest since 1979.

 Although the priest has retired, he still cooks his concoction, affectionately referred to as “the padre’s chili” for the Applefest and has done it again this year.

 For those who don’t get their fill of Fr. Harvey’s chili at this year’s Applefest, we will reprint the recipe. This is a very large batch so families may wish to cut the ingredients in half, or freeze some, or be a big hit at your next tailgate party.

 The key to the padre’s tasty chili could be that he uses all fresh vegetables. It could also be the Worcestershire sauce. Whatever it is, Fr. Harvey has the recipe down to a science and people love it.

 Maybe everyone knows this, and since Rynearson isn’t around for us to ask her what she means by “scant,” we looked it up and it means just under whatever the measurement is. If the recipe calls for a scant 8 ounces of a cup, that means just shy of a cup.

 She also refers to No. 10 cans of beans. A No. 10 can is the equivalent to about six, 15 ounce cans.

The Padre's Chili

10 lbs. lean ground beef

10 cups diced onion

7 cups diced green pepper

1/3 cup sugar

1 bottle Worcestershire sauce

A scant 8 ounces of a cup of salt

1/3 to 1/4 cup black pepper

1, 8-ounce container tomato paste

5-7 quarts fresh stewed tomatoes

1 No. 10 can pinto beans

1½ cans No. 10 chili beans

A scant 8 ounces of chili powder (mixture of hot and medium)

5-6 bay leaves (removed before serving)

Brown the meat first and drain the juices. Mix all other ingredients together and add to meat mixture. Cook for three hours.

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