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Leo Doan at Fenton’s A.J. Phillips Museum in May 2018.

The Tri-County Times would like to thank the following individuals who provided information, memories, photos, documents and yearbooks so that we could put this special commemorative section about the 50th anniversary of the Fenton High School building together.

They are:

• Dr. Adam Hartley, Fenton Area Public Schools Superintendent

• Mark Suchowski, FHS Principal

• Connie Foley, Fenton Alumni Association

• Leo Doan, curator Fenton’s A.J. Phillips Museum

• Donna and Ken Seger, historians and retired museum curators

• Carla Jaggi, president, Fenton Alumni Association

• Ruth Beardsley; wife of the late Richard Beardsley, a member of the Fenton Board of Education

• John Peterson, FHS Class of 1973

• Dan and Ann (Dreisbach) Barker, FHS Class of 1970

• Shelly (Durand) Hay, FHS Class of 1972

• Esther (Boulton) Hiuser, FHS Class of 1971

• Ken Wensel, 1970 Community Education Director (future athletic director & principal)

• Frances Moore

• The Hunt family

• John Peterson

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