While there may be some people out there who think that art is a waste of time, there are many people who know that it is an integral part of humanity. With art comes creativity, and with creativity comes invention. Without creative and artistic minds, we could still be living like cavemen.

 Locally, there are two prominent art councils. Sue Turpen with the Linden Arts Council said, “Our members believe that art helps us make sense of our world in the stories art tells.  The arts enable us to imagine the unimaginable and connect us to the past, present and future.”  

 Denise Willing-Booher, an artist with the Lakes Area Arts Council, which is a Fenton-based, non-profit organization, said, “We feel art of all forms enriches children and adults and our community as a whole. It is creative and expressive.”

 “Creating art of all forms takes you to a creative world that is full of endless possibilities, where you rejoice in your successes and failures and learn to problem solve and to believe in yourself, always reaching for what lies ahead in your creative endeavors,” Willing-Booher said. “All forms of art spark conversations and thought by viewers and unite us as a community.”

 Gemma Amendola may be one of the most well-known names in the local art scene for her recent work on the Linden mural. Amendola is also a member of the Linden Arts Council, an art teacher, and a graphic arts and 3D animation teacher.

 Amendola said, “I have been teaching 3D software to students at the Linden High School for some time now. My favorite thing about this medium is how cutting edge and innovative we can be with this tool.” She added, “Creative problem solving is essential. All the arts help to exercise that creative problem solving.”

 Art is a tool that crosses many paths and boundaries. Without art, there would be no advertising, no packaging, no music, no greeting cards, no homes and no local newspaper. Art is integrated into nearly all businesses and many of the things we do on a daily basis.

 If you feel a hankering to be artistic, the possibilities are endless. Write a story or a poem, take a photograph, paint a wall, draw a picture, create a bouquet of flowers, craft something or make up a new dance move. All of these things, and more, are part of the arts.

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