Cats and kittens love to scratch, need room to move and exercise, and enjoy fresh air.

 Adopt-A-Pet in Fenton Township is working on renovation plans to make the, hopefully, brief stay for cats at the shelter more comfortable.

 Director Jody Maddock said the reason for the renovations is that it’s time to upgrade the space.

 “They need mental stimulation and challenges during the short time they are with us until they find their forever home. Adopt-A-Pet never euthanized for space so, sadly, some cats are with us for months until their new family finds them,” she said.

 Staying in a room with four walls gets boring, often causing cats to shut down or act out.

 “The cats and kittens would love to have more cat walks and climbing structures,” she said, adding that they want to buy ones made from white oak wood, which sells on the expensive side, because it hides markings and hair from pets.

 The main cat room needs a new door that’s not made of wood. Currently, they have a room for adults, a room for teenagers and a room for kittens. Maddock said during “kitten season,” there’s an even greater need for space so they’re turning two more offices into three rooms for kittens, or whatever the greatest need is.

 “The most exciting part the cats will love the most are ‘catteries’ (outdoor cat rooms) off three of the rooms. These are areas where the cats/kittens can enjoy fresh air, natural light, sounds of nature and cool breezes. These catteries are quite expensive but something the cats will love for many years to come,” Maddock said.

 Adopt-A-Pet is hoping to raise the funds through donations and sponsorships. The shelter already has two sponsored rooms for kittens and needs more. Those who donate the full amount for a room can name the room after their family or anything creative. The name would have to be approved.

 One room costs $1,500, one is $2,500 and each cattery is $5,000 sponsored. All donations are tax deductible. People can donate smaller amounts of money as well.

 “Having cats who are more relaxed means they’re better behaved and more like how they will be in their permanent home. Too many cats in one space or not enough activities can create a very stressful environment for the cats,” she said.

 Those interested in supporting Adopt-A-Pet with the renovations can contact Maddock at (810) 629-0723 or

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