Lizzie Edgar, 26, was like many other little girls her age in the 1990s who grew up with a romantic notion of horses and the idea of riding one of her own into the sunset someday.

 She spent her early horse-crazy years collecting Breyer model horses and having horse storybooks read to her at bedtime. She was enthralled every time her parents, Bill and Julie Edgar, drove into town by a horse pasture near her family’s Tyrone Township home.

 When she was 8 years old, her mom mentioned Lizzie’s fascination with horses to a woman at church, who happened to own a horse barn and had a trainer who gave lessons.

 That one small conversation turned the young girl’s dream into reality. Today, Edgar is an accomplished equestrian with her own four show horses and a lifelong passion for showing her horses in English-style Saddle Seat Division events throughout the Midwest.

 The goal of a Saddle Seat Division is to highlight horses with showy, distinctive gaits, a stunning combination with the elegant tack worn by the horse and the formal wear of the rider. “Our style is about making the horse look as good as possible,” Edgar said. “The American Saddlebred is the ‘peacock’ of the show ring. They love to hear people clap.”

 Edgar admits that riding and showing horses gives her an adrenaline rush like nothing else. “It’s the closest thing I can get to the feeling of being limitless,” she said. “You and the animal are working in sync with each other. We might not be riding off into the sunset together, but the relationship is as beautiful as the movies make it seem.”

 Today, Edgar makes her home in Oberlin, Ohio, working as a grant coordinator at Oberlin College, her undergraduate alma mater. She was a Fenton High School graduate and valedictorian in 2011.

 She spends most weekends during show season at home in Tyrone Township, not too far from Taylor Creek Stables in Davison, where three of her horses board and Silver Lake Stables in Fenton, home to one of her horses.

 Last year at the World’s Championship in Louisville, Kentucky, Edgar and her horse, Mien Lalique (a.k.a Lily) earned an adult amateur ribbon – the proudest moment of Edgar’s show career.

 Lily and Lily’s full sister, Makesa, are the offspring of Edgar’s first show horse, Crystal Day. “This was my crowning achievement,” Edgar said. “To take a ribbon with the horse we bred and raised was pretty much the highlight.”

 Her third horse is Tesoro (a.k.a. Tony), the son of Edgar’s second show horse, Worthy’s Treasure. Her fourth horse is Kalarama’s My Shot (a.k.a. Cole), just recently purchased. She’ll show Lily, Mikasa, and Tony throughout the season and a trainer plans to show Cole before the season ends in November. 

 Edgar credits her trainers, Sena Bowling, head trainer and Lauren Greenwald, assistant trainer, who work out of both stables, and her parents for her show career success. “My parents love it as much as I do,” she said. “Even though they don’t ride, they love the horses and we’re all in it for each show season.”

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