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Ryan and Miriam Sage of Tyrone Township, pictured here with their children, are the co-chairpersons of this year’s Applefest. 

 Working hard as volunteers during Applefest is nothing new to Ryan and Miriam Sage of Tyrone Township. However, this is their first year leading the way of this 47th annual event, hosted by St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Fenton.

 “This is our fifth year as volunteers,” Miriam said. “We co-chaired the Entertainment Tent with two other couples, and became part of the Core team.”

 Their strong support of Applefest stems from their love of St. John School, where their two daughters, Elise, 10, and Sophia, 9, will be entering fifth and fourth grades, respectively. “The success of the parish trickles down to the success of the school,” Miriam, 40, said.

 She loves the concept of family dinners, which makes all of the Applefest dinner events important to their family, especially the Sunday Spaghetti Dinner. “They’re all special,” Miriam said. “It gets us back to the core values of eating together as a family.”

 With busy schedules — both Ryan and Miriam work in medical sales — family time can be hard to find, but they make it a priority.

 As for future Applefests, the Sages are taking this new venture “one festival at a time,” Miriam said.

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