Work is continuing on the 2.1-mile Argentine Township non-motorized pathway that passes through the Linden Community Schools complex off Lobdell and Silver Lake roads.

 As of Wednesday, Aug. 5, construction workers with Sommerset Paving and Concrete were paving the pathway parallel to the road heading to Linden Middle School.

 Work began June 15. Geric Rose, operations manager from Fleis & Vandenbrink which is the construction engineer for the project, said they’re in the paving stage for the pathway along Lobdell Road and in the Linden schools complex. They’re doing grading along Silver Lake Road.

 Erie Construction is overseeing the project.

 When done, the pathway will start at Haviland Beach Drive and Lobdell Road, traverse through the Linden schools campus to Silver Lake Road and then continue east on Silver Lake Road, through Fenton Township and connect into the existing city of Linden’s sidewalk and bike lane.

 The trail cost about $1.4 million and is anticipated to be completed by this fall. Funding came from federal, state, local and private dollars.

 Teresa Ciesielski, pathway organizer and former Argentine Township trustee, said they have seen a lot of support since the beginning of construction. People have walked along the graded path to see the progress.

 “Two eagle scouts have stepped up and are building trash containers and recycling containers. The benches for the project have been donated,” she said.

 The next step is to develop programming and activities for the path.

 “We developed a draft plan on how to educate, develop a walking and biking club, a walking school bus, and a few other things. This was all pre-COVID-19 so we will be revisiting the programming ideas with the school,” Ciesielski said.

 A new drop off location near Glen Hatt Drive and Lobdell Road will help parents transporting their kids. Kids can walk along the path, and get exercise, on their way to school.

 “With four children of my own, I realize the importance of giving kids time to exercise and positively using all that energy that they have. I hope this will also help with congestion so parents will not need to drive all the way to the school,” she said.

 A trail counter will also be installed, and Ciesielski looks forward to seeing how many people use the trail once it’s complete.

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