The Community Expo has been a 34-year tradition in Fenton, but it can be a fresh and new experience to each visitor every year.

Give yourself plenty of time

 To maximize your Expo visit, make sure you go with plenty of time so you can appreciate and take advantage of all that there is to offer. There’s lots of visiting and reminiscing that goes on, too, so make sure you’ve got several hours to spend at Expo.

 “You can take different strategies, depending on your family and your schedule,” said Linda Hathaway, Expo chairperson. “You can make a full day of it and do part in the morning, have lunch in the cafeteria, then enjoy the afternoon.”

Bring a bag for all your Expo freebies

 Wear comfortable shoes, layer your clothes for any weather and make sure to carry a tote bag or backpack for all the handouts and freebies from participating Expo businesses.

Plan ahead to visit particular booths

 Perhaps you’re planning to give your backyard a face lift this spring or want more information about home remodeling. Maybe you got a new dog for Christmas and are in need of dog training or Invisible Fence.

 When you get home, make sure to go through the brochures, business cards and giveaways you received, so you can follow-up with any businesses you’d like to do business with.

Plan ahead for entertainment

 If you’re looking for entertainment, check the schedule in this Expo issue so you don’t miss any of the special musical entertainment, including the opening show of the Fenton High School Ambassadors on Saturday, March 2.

 You’ll also enjoy entertainment by the Fenton Community Orchestra.

Don’t miss family friendly fun

 If your kids are accompanying you to the Expo, you’ll enjoy the family friendliness of the entire event.

 Make sure to spend time at the Petting Zoo, sponsored every year by the Brad Hoffman Insurance Agency. Carousel Acres in South Lyon will be bringing its mobile petting zoo for kids and adults of all ages to enjoy.

 Kids Zone, sponsored by Faith City Church, will have lots of children’s activities, including a chance for a lucky boy and girl to win a new bike.

 Adults and kids will also enjoy visiting their “four-legged friends” at the Adopt-A-Pet visitor area. Adoptions actually take place at Adopt-A-Pet in Fenton Township, but Expo is a great place to get familiar with the dogs that are looking for a “forever home.” Cats and kittens aren’t able to visit Expo because of the potential for allergies, according to Adopt-A-Pet.

Learn a new skill

 You can learn a new skill at one of the many demonstrations offered for free at Expo.

 Pre-register Saturday, March 2 to “Try Scuba Diving” from The Dive Shop in Flint at the FHS pool Sunday, March 3 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Participants must be at least 10 years old with no major health issues.

 Watch the schedule for demonstrations by Fenton Karate, Fenton School of Dance & Academy, Visions in Motion Dance Studio and Linden Dance Academy. “Southern Lakes Parks & Recreation will also be doing a fitness class demo,” Hathaway said.

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