By Tim Jagielo

Fenton — Flag Day, Friday, June 14, was celebrated by children with a microphone in their left hand, and their right hand over their hearts.

At Uncle Ray’s Dairyland, 350 children aged 2 to 12 recited the pledge one by one on stage before a large crowd, usually filmed or photographed by their parents.

The crowd applauded when they finished and they were given a gift certificate for a free sundae and a round of mini golf. The Fenton VFW provided flags.

“We gave out about $3,000 worth of goodies,” said owner Dave Durant. “It’s well worth it. It’s great to see the young generation continue the patriotic culture, especially in today’s environment …We think it’s a great investment in the future.”

This is the third year of the event, hosted by the popular ice cream and miniature golf business. According to Durant, it’s about their tradition of thinking outside of the box and also encouraging patriotism.

Durant said there were three children who used American Sign Language (ASL) to recite the pledge. Some especially young and shy ones had help from siblings or parents. “All their execution was perfect,” he said.

The patriotic event started with appropriately patriotic music. Members of the Lake Fenton Marching Band led by Ryan Gonder played a patriotic music set.

The event ran from 2 to 5 p.m. The afternoon closed with “Proud to be an American” by Lee Greenwood played over the PA system.

“For us it’s very important that we continue the tradition of patriotism. We think we can change the world with one ice cream cone,” Durant said.

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