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Physician Assistant Heather Mannor (left) and Dr. Edward Holden of Fenton Medical Center stand in their new pediatric and sensory-friendly exam room that specifically caters to children with special needs.  

Fenton — For more than 77 years, Fenton Medical Center (FMC) has been the heartbeat of the surrounding community, offering exceptional care to patients through their knowledge and experience in medicine.

The facility, which provides healthcare for the whole family, is excited to announce the recent development of a pediatric and sensory-friendly exam room that specifically caters to children with special needs. The room has been under development for months and is now open to families of children with special needs, offering a safe, quiet and comfortable space for visits.

“At FMC, we understand the differing needs that our patients with special needs have,” said Heather Mannor, a physician assistant who has been with the organization for more than 24 years, and who has a child with special needs. “We recognize that patients may have various sensory and communication needs, and we aim to make the experience at our office one that will accommodate these needs in their own private room.”

After performing extensive research and conferring with a number of medical experts, the new exam room was created with specific design elements in mind, including LED lighting with a dimming switch, rather than bright fluorescent bulbs, which can be harsh and upsetting for some children. The room also has kid-friendly decorations and amenities, as well as a sensory box, which is filled with stimulating toys, puzzles, games and objects to keep children occupied and content.

Also, FMC offers a private entrance to accommodate any specific requirements children with special needs may have.

The room can be requested for your child’s exam upon the scheduling of your appointment.

FMC provides families of children with special needs longer appointment times, the option of receiving a call or text when your appointment is getting near, and a pre-visit questionnaire that gathers information needed to make your visit go smoothly.

“I’m super excited about the new room,” Mannor said. “It’s really good to see it come together and to be able to share my experiences with other people and make their journey a little better or a little easier. It can be pretty difficult in doctor offices or emergency rooms, just waiting with a child with special needs and we wanted to offer these kinds of things to help families in any way we can.”

“My youngest was diagnosed with autism and that has opened my eyes to the needs of parents with children with special needs,” said

Dr. Edward Holden, a physician at FMC. “Going through it myself, I definitely have a little more insight to what things children with special needs may require or what needs their parents may have. We tried to keep a lot of that in mind while designing our new exam room.”

Fenton Medical Center is home to four family physicians, one internal medicine and pediatrics physician, three physician assistants, one nurse practitioner, all of whom are board certified and are trained to see and treat children. The facility also serves as an urgent care, open late and on weekends.

For more information about FMC, visit their website at www.fentonmedical.com.


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