Holly High School is leading the way in new Apple technology, to keep their students and teachers up to date.

 On Monday, Aug. 27, the Holly Board of Education voted unanimously to accept a new three-year contract with its teachers, according to a Holly Area Schools (HAS) news release.

 The deal was struck between the teacher’s union, the Holly Education Association (HEA) and Holly Area Schools (HAS).

 “We crafted this agreement to provide the Holly Area Schools family with increased stability over the next three years,” said Superintendent Scott Roper, via news release.

 The new contract affects 196 teachers. There will be step salary increases every year for the next three years. The contract also includes longevity payments for teachers with 25 or more years of service to the district.

 Roper said the average raise across the board will be 1.8 percent. Every individual will receive a raise of no less than 1 percent.

 At the top of the schedule, HAS added “longevity payments” for teachers with 25 to 29 years of service, and those with more than 30 years. “These longevity payments averaged out to approximately a 1-percent increase above the new pay schedule,” Roper said.

 He said the raises aim to retain staff, and be attractive to prospective employees.

 The last wage increase was in the 2016-2017 school year.

 In addition to the contract, the district has created three new positions to support classroom planning for elementary school teachers. 

 Roper said it’s been years since staff has been laid off due to the budget.

 Assistant Superintendent of Business and Finance, Steve Lenar, said HAS planned appropriately with retirements and hiring replacement staff. “Our enrollment projections and state funding increase all made this possible,” he said.

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