Fenton — Volunteers for the third annual Fenton Onesie Pub Crawl worked quickly to register the deluge of guests wearing colorful one-piece pajamas Saturday, Jan. 18.

 It was a task that was sometimes overwhelming, considering the popular event drew 550 people this year. In 2019, 460 tickets were sold and $7,000 was raised.

 Organizer Ed Constable of Fenton Township said they hired more buses in 2020, which led to less lag time between pickups.

 “It meant a much better experience,” Constable said. “The repeat pub crawlers have said it ran way smoother this year.” The downside is they raised less this year — $5,000 after expenses. Tickets were $30 at check-in or $25 in advance.

 The pub crawl tied several local bars like The Barn and Fenton Winery and Brewery (FWB) together with a small fleet of party buses carting participants between them in 25-minute intervals. The bus drivers issued honks letting those inside know they’ve arrived. If not the horn, some helpers walked through ringing cowbells announcing their next departure.

 “We try to make the bus rides as much or more fun than the bars themselves,” Constable said. “The event is just a lot of fun and it’s all for a good cause. Not often you can go day drinking on a Saturday and feel good about yourself for it.”

 Each year, non-profit causes are selected to benefit from ticket sales. This year it was Clara’s Hope, the Brad Stone Scholarship and the Safari Club’s Wish Hunt. Constable’s wife, Laura, is the sister of Brad Stone.

 Many venues were jam packed with guests. Most were wearing pajamas ranging from simple plaid flannel to dragons, giraffes, President Donald Trump and a group of flying squirrels. Beers in hand, they chatted, took photos and ran out into the slushy weather to catch the next party bus to another participating bar.

 Constable said it went smoother than last year because there were more buses and assistants. There was still some congestion at check-in points where attendees were issued their identification lanyards.

 “It’s a good time for a good cause, it gets me out to meet a lot of new people,” said Todd Arnold of Holly while trying a “Staggering Bull,” an imperial brown nut ale at FWB. He came with his wife Sherry and friend Sue Snyder of Fenton. His group started at The Fireplace and then headed to the FWB. He also tried beers like “M43” from Old Nation Brewery and “Dirty Blonde” from Atwater Brewery.

 At The Barn, a group from Howell said they previously attended a pajama bar crawl in Chicago. They liked it enough to try out the Fenton event. “More importantly, it’s a charity event,” said Janice Beck, who went with her husband, Mike, and another couple.

 Attendees were advised in advance for making travel arrangements following the event and no incidents were reported.

 Constable suggests that next year’s participants do a pre-check in, because everyone showing up at once can make it very hectic for volunteers. He said this week only, the 2021 ticket are available for $20 each. The 2021 event is set for Saturday, Jan. 16, from 2 to 7p.m.

 Purchase tickets at FentonPubCrawl.com.

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The Fireplace



Corner Bar & Grill

Joe & Lewie’s

The Barn


Fenton Winery & Brewery

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