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A few years ago, a home security rep came to install a system at my house. Quickly, I realized he was there to install our system and sell us an upgrade. At one point he answered my objections by asking how much our refrigerator cost. “Around $2,000,” I said. “And that just protects your food,” he said. Oh yeah, he was good.

 I must have “SUCKER” tattooed on my forehead.

 I love to buy things and I love to be sold to. As a sales person, I know when a pitch is coming and if it’s a good one, I’m helpless to it.

 A while back publisher Wes Smith sent me a New York Times article about a new “millennial” beverage called Recess. He asked — “millennial on millennial marketing crime?” From the NYT article “Ease, comfort, and pleasure are what millennials, those members of the high-anxiety ‘Doom Generation,’ really want — and capitalism is into it. A new beverage called Recess is a case study in where those desires meet. Bubbles? Yes. CBD? Check. Sans-serif block font? Yeah! A knowing, nudging, creepily on-point Instagram presence? Obviously.”

 As (an old) millennial I rolled my eyes. Marketing people go so far to reach millennials and we’re just like everyone else. I don’t care about a sans-serif block font. But then I read on. And then I saw a picture of the Recess can (turns out I do care about sans-serif block font) and then I visited their Instagram page. I realized I had to book a plane ticket to New York to try one of these magical beverages.

 When I told Smith about my reaction, he said I’m not alone sharing this link — to back it up.

 The traveling sales women is Jaclyn Goldman. She once purchased 2-foot-long sausages she didn’t want or need. Why? She asked around and found that nine out of 10 sales reps admitted to making purchases for something they didn’t need or want because the pitch was so good. She attributes this phenomenon to three things. As sales people:

 We recognize a good pitch.

 We can empathize with them.

 We enjoy being on the other side of the table for a change.

 Her assessment is right on and makes me feel so much better, even better than my extensive home security system.

 What’s the best sales pitch you’ve ever heard? Share it with me at

Emily Caswell is the Brand Manager for VIEW Group, the branding division of View Newspaper Group. A graduate of Michigan State University’s Journalism School, she lives in downtown Fenton with her husband Matt and their rescue pup, Yeti.

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