Scott Roper

Holly Area Schools superintendent



      It’s never been more important to prepare all students to succeed academically, socially and emotionally, and that’s our number one priority at Holly Area Schools.

      We take great pride in helping all Bronchos succeed from day one, starting with our Broncho Young Fives and Kindergarten programs that provide the foundation for success. That’s why we recently kicked off our campaign highlighting the Broncho Difference that begins taking shape among our youngest learners.

      Broncho Young Fives provides the gift of an extra year of social, emotional and academic growth for students before entering kindergarten. Our Young Fives class sizes are small, which allows our teachers to better meet the individual needs of our students. Our Young Fives and kindergartners learn from a strong academic program, which includes reading, writing, math, science and social studies with a daily focus on reading and math.

      We are committed to providing all Bronchos with cutting-edge technology that will one day prepare them for in-demand careers. We equip our Young Fives and kindergarten students with iPads. Every Broncho receives a Chromebook once they enter first grade. We begin introducing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math principles in our Young Fives and Kindergarten programs. By emphasizing STEM early on, we help prepare students to solve problems, think critically and develop solutions.

      Our youngest learners also participate in Leader in Me, which teaches the real world skills needed to succeed inside and outside the classroom. Leader in Me teaches our Bronchos about teamwork, problem solving, conflict resolution and other key life skills, and helps cultivate self-confidence, creativity, leadership and communication.

      School safety has also never been more important, and that begins with our Young Fives and kindergartners. Our voters generously approved our 2018 bond, which invested in new secure entrances, locks, security cameras and monitors in all of our elementary schools and every one of our buildings.

      I strongly encourage everyone to consider the Broncho Difference today.

      At Holly Area Schools, we’re inspiring leaders to shape tomorrow’s world. It’s our mission to prepare our students to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


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